Our Services
   We aim to provide our clients with a facility that works for them in the present and the future.
Our Services
Our goal is to build a good cleanroom that is brilliant in design, and high-performing for you business.
  1. Bespoke Fit Out and Furniture
    Hatches, Workbenches, Fume Hoods, Integrated Plumbing Systems, Shelving units, Storage units, Doors & Windows
  2. Compliance Validation
    Air flow rate measurements, Air and room pressure differential, HEPA filter testing, Airborne particulate count, Pressure gauge calibration, Temperature and humidity monitoring, Lighting and noise level measurements, and Containment leak testing
  3. Service Maintenance
    Repair and maintenance of a wide range of controlled systems
  4. Air Handling Systems
    Our Q-Team delivers five-star, energy-efficient air conditioning system for your cleanroom.
  5. Upgrades & Refurbishments
    We provide a complete remodelling and refurbishment service to upgrade and/or adapt an existing cleanroom facility. This includes precision finishes on walls and ceilings, air reconditioning, rewiring, lighting, wall and ceiling replacement, structurally isolated floors, doors and windows.
  6. Cleanroom Building & Design
    We provide a comprehensive Cleanroom Design service. Our team of designers and engineers will deliver your approved cleanroom on time and within budget.